Rhode Island, We have an Exciting Freediving Course for You!

Warm Winds isn't just about surfing. While we live to surf, we’re always open to new challenges - especially if the challenge gets us outdoors and back in the water.

The ocean will humble even the most experienced watermen. Every surfer has had that moment of panic because you don’t know how long you’ll be underwater for.

Sure you've heard that there are people who can comfortably hold their breath underwater for 2.5 to 3+ minutes? More impressive is the fact that they’re doing this at depths of 60+ feet! The coolest part; there is nothing holding you back from being able to do the same. If this sounds up your ally, either to help you improve as a surfer or to overcome a new challenge, we have an exciting freediving course for you.

Become a Freediver

We are working with Freedive Hawaii and Performance Freediving International to bring a freedive course right here in Rhode Island! Together with these trusted names in freediving, we are offering a Performance Freediving International Level 1 Course from September 5 to 6!

It’s a two-day program that will teach you how to freedive to a depth of 66 feet…without the use of any breathing apparatus! With this program, you’ll be a breath-holding machine capable of holding your breath for more than 3 minutes.

It’s a comprehensive freediving course that will teach you the fundamentals. You know us. If you’ve attended any of our surf lessons, you know that we put a huge importance on the fundamentals. This is why we’ve partnered with Freedive Hawaii and Performance Freediving International. We know that they share our vision when it comes to teaching. So yeah, expect to learn about correct breathing, equalization, physiology and safety for freediving.

The course will be conducted by Rhode Island native Benjamin Zyons. He’s now based in Hawaii and is now an official PFI Freediver instructor. He’s also known as being a big wave surfer capable of taming Pe’ahi (aka Jawz).

Experience More Comfort and Enjoyment in the Water

This course is perfect for people who spend their time in the water. These include surfers, spearfishers, divers, underwater photographer and the likes. After taking this course, you’ll experience more comfort and enjoyment in the water that you’ll wonder if you’ve turned amphibian.

Is this course for you?

  • Do you want to learn the fundamental techniques of freediving?
  • Do you want to learn how to hold your breath comfortably for more than 3 minutes while at a depth of 30 feet?
  • Do you want to avoid shallow water blackout?
  • Do you want to learn how to dive deeper and longer?
  • Are you looking to overcome a new challenge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this freediving course is for you.

PFI Freediver course price is $450. The tuition price covers the following:

  • Personalized instruction from highly trained PFI freediving specialist, yoga alliance certified instructor, accomplished spearfisherman and big wave surfer, Benjamin Zyons.
  • 1 instructor/assistant : 6 student ratio
  • PFI Freediver student manual and workbook
  • Pool & classroom sessions
  • Open-water instruction
  • PFI certification card, upon successful course completion

Contact us or come visit us at the shop for more information and for registration!

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