New Surfboards Coming This Spring

Who doesn't love new surfboards? After checking out some new shapes from some of the best surfboard companies in the world down at surf expo, we're too excited about some of these boards to keep them on the down low. So we decided to give you all a sneak peak at some new sleds that we are most psyched about- coming to Warm Winds in just a few weeks!!


Puddle Fish

Taking after is predecessor the Puddle Jumper, the Puddle Fish is going to be a small wave machine! Shaped with an inverted swallow set inside a wide square tail, complimented by a large channel out the tail - the Puddle Fish is designed for lateral speed in small/weak surf.

Starting with the shape of the Puddle Jumper, Matt Biolis pushed the wide point of the board forward, widened and squared off the tail block pulled in/straightened out the hip are of the outline. These changes, combined with reducing the the concave through the center of the board, all work together to build a more linear speed down the line, across flats and through slop. The inverted swallow and angular corners of the square tail reduces the surface area behind the rear foot, adding bite and control without sacrificing drive. The entire design is wrapped up with the release channel in the tail. Matt's goal was to design a board that matches the speed of any alternative "fish" design, without the cumbersome, drift feeling that most of these boards possess.

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RNF Redux

The original Round Nose Fish by ...Lost may be one of the most influential short board shapes of our generation. Everyone that rode one of these boards in their child hood claim that it changed the way they surf for the better. Well folks, the RNF is back and better than ever with a few subtle upgrades to the original design to make it even more maneuverable in good surf while still maintaining that great paddle power.

The original 1994-1997 RNF featured a narrow tail and nose template, which was responsive and playful in the pocket, encouraging tight radius carving. The outline, and more width than most were willing to ride in that era, balanced with its short length and flat-ish rocker made for a truly unique ride. The RNF Redux continues with these ideas,  keeping the nose and tail slightly pulled in and adding a single fluted wing in the tail to transition the board to a narrower swallow. The RNF Redux also features a low overall rocker with modest concave under the center of the board transitioning to vee out the tail to give the board even more control.

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Go Fish

Another creation by the master of style Rob Machado - the Go Fish will be a modern take on the traditional retro fish! At first glance the outline pays homage to the old school fish but on closer inspection you can easily notice some changes. The swallow tail and nose are a bit narrower than the old school fish, giving the board more maneuverability and a speedier outline. The rocker is a bit relaxed with a low entry rocker up front to a subtle tail rocker, keeping the board easy to paddle so you can get in to the waves early, and also maximizing its top-end speed.

Perhaps the most unique thing about this board is the bottom contours that Rob describes as "Board Eat Board" contours, featuring a flat bottom concave that runs down the center of the board all the way through the tail. The two side panels run down each rail on either side of the center panel, and transition from concave flat to vee while maintaining the deep single concave down the middle.

The result is a board with high maneuverability and speed with tons of drive when combined with a keel fin setup, taking the retro fish design to whole new performance level!

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Stubby Bastard

A new take on one of Hawaiian Shaper, John Pyzel's, most popular surfboard models the Bastard makes its way to the 2017 Firewire lineup - the Stubby Bastard. Taking John John Florence's favorite high-performance shortboard , the Bastard, and squashing it down into a fun, fast, super skatey, all-wave shred sled. They took three inches off the nose, which pushed the wide point forward, added a little thickness up front and also lowered the entry rocker. The rail was also filled in a bit to add more overall volume and forgiveness.

The Stubby Bastard is a fast, loose and responsive board that can fit into tight, curvy little waves extremely well, but still hold its speed and flow in weaker/mushy surf.

Firewire is releasing this board in their new Helium technology - a new take on the popular FST construction. Helium tech combines an alternative composite with a redesigned parabolic rail that comprises 66% Balsa wood and 34% Paulownia wood. The end result is a reduction in weight by 15% over FST, a faster flex and rebound characteristic, and a higher break point.

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Channel Islands

Bonzer Biscuit

The Biscuit originally began changing lineups in 2007. Revolutionary at the time with ultra-flat rocker and standard sizes going as short as 5’2″, the Biscuit rapidly became a favorite for many of the CI team riders and surfers around the world. Soon after, CI began to notice that certain people “Bonzer-ized” their Biscuits with the Campbell’s 5-fin setup. Turns out the pronounced spiral vee in the back of the board jived perfectly with the Campbell brothers’ Bonzer 5 recipe. Now exactly 10 years later, that vision by a small crew of surfers is a reality. For all of you who remember the smile the Biscuit brought to your face, enjoy the added drive and rail-to-rail feel of the Bonzer 5 Biscuit.

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Rocket 9

"The Rocket9 is suited to your average waves like we find around California. It works great in beach breaks because it can be skatey when you want to generate that speed, but then you step back on that tail and you can absolutely hammer some vert wall. I also think that with the shorter nature of it, it fits really well in the tighter transitions of beach breaks. I have ridden it on big open walls of some point breaks in Morocco and it went well too, kind of like a little scalpel or snowboard, but I think the optimal range for this board would be 2 to 6 foot beach breaks.

The Rocket9 outline has the wide point forward a bit and the tail is pulled in making it super snappy and maneuverable. The swallow gives a great fast release as well. One of the major desires for this board was I wanted was to go fast and then turn hard when I wanted in waves ranging from super average California beach breaks all the way to grinding little tubes. It’s one of the most versatile boards I have ever ridden.

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Wave Riding Vehicles

Brazie Fish

"The nucleus of all boards"... "universal tool to wave sliding"... "the staple".

Having a board quiver without a proper fish is like golfing without a putter. The “Fish" has passed through space and time since its origin in the late 60's by creator Steve Lis. Since then it's been evolving, adapting, experimented with and re-evolved. Through many shapers, surfers, and backyard builders, the fish has seen countless unique shapes and sizes. Jordan's fish story led him on a journey that took most of his shaping career to find a design that would be versatile, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and most of all... FUN! The Brazie Fish by WRV will not disappoint!!

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El Jefe

It’s pronounced “El Hefe” and it’s Spanish for The Boss.  When less than average conditions still command optimal performance, the WRV El Jefe is large and in charge.  The advantage of added volume accommodates for challenging conditions while its single to double concave with slight-vee turns on a dime.  Run the line-up with the new chief of high-performance - the El Jefe!!

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There you have it - a glimpse of some new offerings from some of the best surfboard companies in the world. These boards have us psyched for Spring! If you have any questions on any of these models or wish to special order a custom - give us a shout at the shop (401)789-9040!