Highlights of the Lost Carbon Wrap Surfboard Technology

Lost Surfboards has this obsession to provide surfers with the best surfboards on the planet that feature the latest technology. While they’re known for their custom surfboards, they regularly introduce new technology that will make you proud to own your custom Lost surfboard.

We here at Warm Winds provide surfboards with technologies that have stood the test of time, so we recognize a good new technology when we see one! We’re seeing a winner in Lost’s Carbon Wrap surfboard construction technology.

About Carbon Wrap Surfboard Construction

It seems that Lost has finally found the secret sauce to get that sweet spot between amazing feel and durability. Yes, we don’t have to choose between boards that feel amazing and boards that are durable anymore. We can get the best of both worlds!

Here are some highlights about this technology:

  • Weight is saved from the get-go as it uses stringerless Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) blanks. It’s also more flexible.
  • The Carbon Wrap reinforces the structure of the board as Lost laminates the inlays into the board during the glassing process. While common stringers have the same reinforcement, the Carbon Wrap technology ensures flexibility. This is why fans rave about the fact that the board seems to propel them forward even going into a turn, before unloading and exploding out of the turn.
  • The deck is reinforced with carbon strips to prevent it from caving. Force is evenly dispersed across the deck thanks to the tapered design. Don’t worry if toe or heel dents will form after a few runs. That’s part of the design that will lock you in.
  • The fiberglass cloth is weaved at a 45 degree angle. This ensures more engagement between the board and the surfer as this unique angle disbands energy in a more even manner.
  • The Carbon Wrap technology is also about aesthetics. Your board will look fresher and whiter longer thanks to the epoxy resin (as opposed to traditional polyester resin) that has been optically brightened.

To summarize, you get a lightweight and flexible surfboard that feels amazing and will last a long time!

As always, you can get the best and latest Lost surfboards at Warm Winds Surf Shop! Visit us today!