10 Things We Love About Narragansett Rhode Island

Needless to say, we love Narragansett Rhode Island. While talking to a group of out-of-towners and talking about Narragansett, they asked us specifically why we love it. What followed was an animated conversation with lots of hand waving and high fives being thrown around.

That was a long conversation. You can’t blame us. We’re passionate about Gansett. But it led us to think about a solid list of 10 things we love about Narragansett Rhode Island. It’s a hard task considering there are dozens of things that we love, but here goes nothing!

10 Things We Love About Narragansett RI

Of course, it goes without saying that we love the local community, so we’re not going to include that in this list. In no particular order, here are the top 10 things that we love about Narragansett RI:

The Narragansett Town Beach

Call us biased since we are a business operating along Narragansett Town Beach, but just like every local, we love NTB. We love each and every inch of this 19 acre beach. We believe that this may be one of the best things about Gansett. We love how clean it is, in and out of the water. I mean, take a look at this:

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We love how serene it can be even with over 10,000 patrons lounging and having fun. Of course, we love how it provides Narragansett a bustling local economy.


There are a lot of things that you can do at Narragansett Town Beach, but obviously, we have one favorite – surfing. NTB is considered one of the most consistent surf spots in Rhode Island, with plenty of swell year round. You can expect a good, peaky beach break thanks to the E/SE swell combining with W winds and complemented by lower tides. It’s safe enough for beginners (with our help, of course) but challenging enough for experienced surfers. There are also plenty of other great spots to surf along Narragansett, though many are rocky - so not ideal beginner waves. With the right combination of swell, tide, and wind, select spots in Narragansett can light up and may be considered some of the best waves on the East Coast.
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The Towers

We usually RSVP in the affirmative whenever we get an invitation to a wedding reception at The Towers. Located along the scenic Ocean Road in Narragansett, it’s one of the best landmarks in town. We can’t help but fall in love with it over and over again whenever we drive under it. It’s truly an icon of the town of Narragansett!

Point Judith Lighthouse

Make sure to plan a stopover at Point Judith Lighthouse on your trip to Narragansett. It’s usually locked so you can’t get close enough to touch, but you can still marvel at its majestic appearance from afar and take some breath taking photos.


You’ll get the chance to visit Galilee if you plan on taking the Block Island Ferry, as this is where the ferry is docked. Arrive a little early so you can take a leisurely stroll, eat, and shop for gifts. There are lots of great restaurants and gift shops in this fishing village.

Skateboarding around town

Surf’s a little flat? Sidewalk surfing is the answer! Whether your cruising around town, up to the skate park, or getting totally shacked tarp surfing,  this is one of our favorite pass times during summer flat spells!

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Fishing off the coast

We love sport fishing! With tons of local charters in the area, there are many opportunities to get out on the water and wrestle in that giant striped bass. Boats not your thing? Grab a mask and snorkel and try your luck spearfishing - another favorite among the locals during summertime flat spells.

Local Restaurants

Hey, we've all got to eat! We recommend several of our favorites like the Coast Guard House, Crazy Burger Cafe Juice Bar and George's of Galilee. If you are looking for something a bit quicker but equally as delicious - check out Picnic Basket for a fresh sandwich, or Cool Beans Cafe for an acai bowl! Oh, and don’t forget Brickley's Ice Cream on a hot day!


To be honest, we love the climate here in Narragansett! The weather never seems to get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. For this reason we can surf all year round with the proper wetsuits.

Block Island Ferry

The ferry ride doesn’t get old. The ride can be rough depending on sea conditions, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a very relaxing ride with a very relaxing view. The crew is always super nice and very helpful. Take the ferry to relax on Block Island for the day, and on the way back you get a great view of Narragansett in a different aspect.

There you have it - the 10 things we love most about our town! There are a lot of other things that we love about Narragansett, drop by the shop if you want to learn more!